Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Six Step to Baby Freeze Transition

Freezes are an important aspect of bboying. It doesn't take long to learn a few basic freezes but usually a new bboy has difficulting transitioning into and out of freezes and making it look good. Here is a video of me doing some baby freezes, first without a transition (notice how long it takes), then with a transition from six step to baby freeze. The baby freezes with the transition look a lot smoother and better.

Headstand to Airbaby Transition

I have been working on an airbaby freeze of about 2 months. At this point I can do a two handed airbaby freeze pretty well but as you can see in the video it takes a long time to set up, clearly not something you can do at a club or competition. I found a good way to transition to airbaby is from a headstand position.

And yes I did film this video while I was wearing my pajamas.